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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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next on eyewitness news and an innocent livery driver hit on the head.
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1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. new developments at 11:00, a knife found at the former home of o.j. simpson, was it the weapon used to brutally kill simpson's ex- wife? new tonight a possible answer. >> but first breaking news in a mystery on long island. >> a woman found dead five years ago tonight. her husband is in handcuffs, joseph jones notice charged with killing -- now charged with killing 32-year-old nicole tessa. >> josh einiger has the breaking details tonight. >> reporter: i interviewed jones back in late 2010. he was practically bawling over the loss of his wife, but it turns out police have suspected him all along. just 20 minutes ago they led him to jail. >> joseph, how does it feel after all this time? >> reporter: joseph jones said
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tonight accused of murdering his wife half a decade ago. back then he couldn't stop talking. >> i could barely sleep and every time i try to eat i get sick. >> reporter: the body of nicole tessa sewed up about a football field away from -- showed up about a football field away from the home she shared with jones and their son. jones seemingly beside himself with grief when it took him two days to report her missing. >> i'm so sad right now i don't even know how to explain it. a caring, loving mother who tried to do everything she could for her children and the family and everything. >> reporter: when investigators took jones in for questioning back then, he told them he and tessa had been arguing over drugs. he left in a huff and returned to find her gone having left their son with a family member. the neighbors said the couple
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>> they're arguing and he leaves and she leaves and she wind up dead, doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: detectives say there isn't necessarily new evidence in this case so much as a new way of looking at the old evidence that allowed them finally to make specific allegations, though in this case they aren't expected to come out until jones' arraignment on second degree murder charges on monday. as for the couple's son, he's now 8 years old. police say he's staying with other family members right now. live in suffolk county police headquarters, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, josh. he was just trying to make money on the side working as a livery driver, but that one move he's paying for dearly tonight. robert castillo is in critical condition after getting shot in the head moments after dropping off his passengers in queens. cops tonight are searching for the shooter. lucy yang is in elmhurst. lucy? >> reporter: the driver's
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today and is at her son's bedside now at elmhurst hospital behind me, this as police try to find the gunman who shot at some clubgoers early this morning only to strike their driver in the head. this exclusive video we obtained shows the suv crashing into a pole after the livery driver was shot in the head. >> mr. garcia has two children, two girls, one 15, one 8. >> reporter: 37-year-old robert castillo had just dropped off some passengers at club purlieu in astoria queens. it was 5 a.m. moments later we're told the same passengers ran back into his suv trying to escape a gunman chasing after them. the driver took off, but one of the bullets head. police say he crashed into several vehicles before hitting the pole. >> doctors have removed the bullet from his skull, but he's -- we're hoping that he's going to pull through, but we don't know at this point.
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year-old driver was trying to support his wife and two daughters despite not having a livery license. >> whether he was licensed or not at this particular moment whoever was doing that pickup would have gotten shot. >> reporter: the club is a constant sore point for neighbors who complain about all the noise and violence. >> last night i counted eight separate fights out there. the streets were blocked you see on the video, 14 cars sitting there horns blowing 3 a.m., people trying to sleep. >> reporter: detectives are now questioning the passengers inside that vehicle to determine if they know who the gunman is. so far no arrests. we're live outside elmhurst hospital in queens tonight, i'm lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, lucy. now to vote 2016, the turmoil and civil war among republicans and their candidates for president affect a handful of primary elections tomorrow. kansas, kentucky, maine and
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louisiana will hold an actual primary. the republican party is still reeling from the raucous and sometimes raunchy debate that deinvolved into more name call -- evolved into more name calling and mudslinging and donald trump pulling out of the conservative convention known as cpac will keeping up his insults. >> millions and millions of people more than four years ago are coming out and they're voting republican -- i hate to say it -- it's not because of lion ted and it's not because of little marco. it's because of trump! >> meanwhile ben carson now officially out of the republican race. dr. carson who garnered barely a handful of delegates through this process says he now plans to lead an organization that encourages christians to vote. meanwhile democrats caucus tomorrow and hillary clinton and bernie sanders campaigning
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tomorrow a candlelight vigil to remember a college student from brooklyn who died upstate. friends and family of bradley doily will march from his family home in carnarsie to a nearby park where they will release balloons. the 21-year-old died last month. cops ruled the death suspicious. toxicology results have not been released. tomorrow a memorial service for a former nypd officer killed off duty. the 29-year-old david hoffer was shot. monday memorial service will be held at st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan. bit bratton mourning the -- bill bratton mourning the death of his father who died peacefully yesterday in massachusetts, 89 years old. he served in the navy in world war ii and later worked double shifts at a post office and metal plating shop to support
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docks of boston as a longshoreman. the latest crime news sparking fear and caution with it new yorkers, slashing and stabbing and people with 9/11 like this guy -- with knives like this guy on the q train in brooklyn yesterday. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan with the story in harlem for us tonight. jim? >> reporter: even in this era of historically low violent crime stabbings and slashings are up historically high, already more than 600 this year alone. there was a guy arrested at this subway stop in harlem this week and then there was that guy on the q train. >> he was literally menacing people with a blade. >> reporter: moriah ebony took out her cell phone to photograph the man with the knife on the q train platform in brooklyn as scores of travelers looked on unable to do much. >> what got to me was that all
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were ignoring him. they were trying to do the consummate new yorker thing where you try to block it out. >> reporter: it's hardly an isolated incident. two train station passengers applauded at police arrested another man carrying a knife recently at another train station. now police are going underground in large numbers to safeguard the subways. >> all concentrating with cops up from this patrol on this street in the precincts. they're coming down handing out crime prevention literature engaging the public. the message on the flyers they handed out, be alert. don't hesitate to call police. >> i have been just more aware of my surroundings because that is a tendency to be checked out in this city and that's not the best strategy for staying safe. >> it's dangerous. you need to take off your headphones and be more alert about your whereabouts. >> reporter: take off your headphones.
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platforms and trains and make sure you're vigilant about your surroundings. new jersey transit workers planning to rally tomorrow despite what's being called productive contract negotiations. the transit officials met with federal mediators today in washington ahead of a deadline. another session is planned for monday, at issue wage increases and health benefits. is it or is it not the murder weapon, new details about the knife found at o.j. simpson's former home and when the lapd first learned about it. >> plus three teenagers busted for a carjacking, we'll tell you how mother nature stopped their get-away. >> mother nature gave us a messy morning. now we're clear, still 43 degrees right now, gusty breeze, 27 degrees right now. one storm is moving away and
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so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new developments tonight about that knife found on o.j. simpson's former los angeles property being tested to determine if it was the murder weapon of the killing of simpson's ex-wife and her friend nearly 22 years ago. sources telling abc news that it's likely not the murder weapon. investigators say it's simply too small a knife, cops still testing for dna just in case. >> historians have the right to resurrect any case and if they can prove it's evidence that disproves the verdict, they
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>> meanwhile an officer said he had been given the knife and thought it was no big deal because simpson was acquitted and the case was closed. bill cosby's victims are accusing his lawyers of stonewalling and petitioned a federal judge today to force mr. cosby to respond to requests. they say they first served their requests on november 2nd but never received documents or in westchester county police want to catch a flasher a sick man hiding out in a school bathroom exposing himself to kids. police released surveillance images tonight. he went into a bathroom at maria regina high school bathroom last week and then held the door open and flashed people walking by. >> some guy we didn't know came in and was in the bathroom. he cracked the door open was naked. so my friends ran and he ran out. >> when my sister told me that, i was scared a little bit like anyone can get in kind of.
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vehicle. a woman under arrest in new jersey tonight accused of stealing $24,000 worth of lingerie and bras from victoria secret. cynthia roman allegedly shoplifted merchandise nine time at the store located in westfield garden state plaza. a historic biased attack in upstate new york targeting two muslim girls that had eggs thrown at them as they walked in buffalo earlier this week. witnesses say three men jumped out of an suv and yelled at the girls as they threw the eggs at them. she said the girls were traumatized and ran away. muslim community leaders urge the victims to come forward. police in colorado found a stolen vehicle stuck in snow 160 miles from a crime scene in aurora. the car was abandoned on a snow covered road. it didn't take long to track down the suspects of cops followed their footsteps in the snow to a nearby home where
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after a brief standoff. the empire state building tonight lit up in red in honor of the art lovers, uber excited for the upcoming expansion of the metropolitan museum of art on the upper east side of manhattan. space will be dedicated to the collection of modern and contemporary works. it opens to the public beginning friday, march 18th with a 3-day celebration. a joyful reunion between her dog and owner nearly three years after the dog, then a puppy, was stolen from her backyard in the bronx. >> oh! >> he was found last month more than 100 miles away in south jersey. voorhees animal orphanage said she'd been dumped in a front lawn. the shelter tracked down an owner thanks to a microchip and drove the dog back to the bronx. >> those microchips really work. >> they do, they really do. it's amazing. the weekend?
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and then warming up next week. dogs will be all over the place especially the park next week. outside tonight another look at the great empire state building and that red sparkle for the metropolitan museum of art. we have clear skies, 34 degrees, dry air. the north wind backed off, gusts 15 to 20 miles an hour, just short of the 40-degree mark today. by the end of the weekend we'll be close to the average of 46 and by the middle of next week we'll be closer to the 70- degree reading. snowfall amounts highest in monmouth and ocean county maybe 2 to 4 inches. when you get in long island, it was a couple inches. jfk almost 1 1/2 inches. the park measured just under a 1/2 inch, bridgeport only about 1/3 inch. weather headlines, we have a cold night ahead. the wind is backing off toward morning. we had snow amounts over 2 inches south of new york city. there might still be patchy black ice tomorrow morning.
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the coating of snow sunday morning looks less likely. a spring preview next week, record warmth likely. see all this warmth over the middle of the country. that starts to come east as we go to tuesday and wednesday next week. 30 in stanhope, 30 in randolph. long island is seeing temperatures right around freezing, upper 20s in the hudson valley, 28 in belmar. these wind chills generally are in the low and middle 20s now, across the five boroughs low 30s as well. tomorrow light wind, sunshine about 30, low 40s in afternoon hours and what will happen is it will go partly to mostly cloudy at times during the day, but the wind will be light. the skies will cloud over tomorrow night ahead of that next system. we still have some clouds from that ocean system. it's not difficult to pick out on the weather map. look at this swirl offshore. see the fast winds here. we're still in the wind field but get out of that later tonight. high pressure builds in light winds, but this next system is moving so quickly the clouds are spreading in by midday.
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snow that looks impressive now will break up and weaken a little bit. the sunniest part of the day tomorrow is in the morning. then clouds will thicken in the afternoon. the snow showers will dive south and west. a few snow showers can get into parts of new jersey, maybe into new york city. worst case scenario, a couple slick spots sunday morning with your travel, a bit of coating over parts of new jersey. then the clouds break and we'll be in the mid-40s. after this jet stream spikes north, 60s and 70s next week, 15 to 30 degrees above average. mostly clear and cold saturday, 30, 20s in many suburbs. up to 43 in the afternoon. sun will mix with clouds. tomorrow night down to 31. it might that be late night snow shower toward dawn. tomorrow night's plans no weather problems, just clouds rolling in, about 31. here's your seven-day accuweather forecast. any snow showers leave the scene sunday morning. we get sunny. 56 on monday.
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tuesday and wednesday we pack around 70 degrees. the -- peak around 70 degrees. the record here is 69. we're forecasting a new record. thursday and friday next week things start to get unsettled, probably showers by thursday afternoon, maybe a stead why are rain at night -- steadier rain at night. really looks like the next two weeks are way above average. there might be another shot of cold air toward the end of the month, last 10 days or so. 66s. >> someone squealed when she saw the seven-day. was. >> it's okay to squeal. to curb those late night munchies, what you can do
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a dramatic rescue caught on camera in new hampshire this morning after a dog took an accidental dip in an icy river. you can see it there. rescuers used a rowboat to reach the struggling animal that was desperately trying to stay afloat. after pulling the dog into the boat they brought him ashore where a warm blanket was waiting. he was checked out by a vet and is expected to recover from the bone chilling ordeal. from upstate new york making a personal appeal on facebook tonight, 19-year-old jed collins trying to find out
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he said he's the product of a one-night stand, says his mom hooked up with a man named jason at a music festival upstate called k rock-a-thon 1 in 1996. he said he doesn't know if he father even knows he exists, but he wants to meet his dad. a curious connection between lack of sleep and getting the munchies. a new study suggests sleep deprivation can trigger powerful changes in how you eat that can be compared to having the so-called marijuana munchies. researchers say sleeplessness appears to enhance cravings for sweet, salt and high fat foods. laura behnke in for rob powers up next with sports. >> it was a rather interesting day for carmelo anthony to say the least. he have noted his frustration this morning with the knicks and went out tonight with a chance to beat the celtics for a very much needed new york win, but we all know how this
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nick is having a tough time we know. guess which single player is most upset about this all night? >> the knicks center having lost 14 of 17 and carmelo anthony is fed up today. he told reporters the last three seasons have been a rough patch and he looks at successful peers like lebron james and wonders what he's doing wrong. well, tonight trying to do visited boston. carmelo led the way with early points, the early three putting them ahead four. they had an early lead, but the celtics erased it. anthony with the fade-away but boston not backing down.
11:29 pm
the three attempt, not even close. the celtics closed the game on a 12-4 run, 105-104, the knicks take yet another tough loss. the nets continuing their nine-game road trip tonight facing the nuggets in den. 1st half brooklyn all -- denver. 1st half brooklyn all about the three-pointer. they led by eight at the break. final seconds the rookie emmanuel mudiay driving to the basket for the lead and foul. this one is now in overtime. last night the rangers lost the game and their goaltender in pittsburgh. henrik lundqvist did not dress tonight listed day to day with neck spasms after his collision with ryan mcdonagh in the 2nd period. tonight the blue shirts facing the first place capitals in washington. all rangers in the 1st. they lead 2-0 after one but controversy in the 2nd. the puck is fallen on in the
11:30 pm
no puck is showed crossing the line but ruled a goal anyhow. just 17 seconds in the 3rd and that happens. 3-2, rangers pulling off the big victory. the devils in dallas tonight. stars had the lead in the 2nd but not long. the equalizer on the rebound, all dallas from there. 4 -2 the devils falling. in this business it's important to stay impartial but not with this. we are sad to report shannon ford passed away after a long battle of breast cancer. a long time member of the media relations team she was kind, warm, funny and about one of the best parts of covering that team. shannon was just 44. earlier today the mets home grapefruit league hosting the marlins. cabrera and walker getting the job done 6-4-3 style. now the dramatic finish in the 9th down a run, herrera coming
11:31 pm
the ball stays in the park and takes a nice bounce off the wall. ism scores the inside the park -- he scores the inside the park home run to tie it 4-4 the final. the yankees took on the tigers in lakeland. one hit was big, three-run home run, only runs in the game. 3-0. yankees would fall, but at least the game doesn't count. there you go. >> that's right.
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that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next.
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tomorrow at 6 a.m. with what did you think of j-law's dress? which white people did you go after, bro? >> chris, over here, talk to us! >> jimmy, jimmy kimmel, what are you doing out here? >> jimmy: my mom got me this camera, i figured i'd get a few shots. >> don't you have the "after the oscars" special tonight? >> jimmy: yeah, but -- did you get a gift basket? can i get some of that nourishing lotion? yo, chris. did leta rock it tonight? chris, who are you wearing? chris! i didn't find out who you're


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